2 years ago
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Picking up more Extracurriculars?

Hi! so I'm a sophomore in hs and mildly freaking out after seeing people with 4.0s and a ton of amazing extracurriculars get rejected from schools

right now im in volleyball year round, skillsusa, beta club, red cross club, french club, and have led a community service project for the past 2 years.

should I focus on what I already have or should I join another activity? if so. any suggestions?

I'm looking to go into neuroscience if that changes anything!


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2 years ago

I agree with @daniw6193 for the most part. It is undoubtedly true that having 4 extracurriculars is great- but I would even add on and say that having four can be better than having fifteen. I count that you have six- that seems to me like a super adequate amount for almost any college. Colleges aren't always looking for someone who's average in everything; often they are looking for a person passionate about a few specific things. Focus on what you enjoy, take leadership roles, and put care/effort into what you do. It will definitely pay you back.

I would look into neuroscience-related ECs if you're interested in them! Engaging in interest clubs or activities like that is a good sign for colleges.

2 years ago[edited]

Depends on the college you want to go to. 3-4 extracurriculars and a 3.5 GPA can go a long way. The substance and what you get from the extracurricular is the most important. SGA is seen to be a better extracurricular rather than a board game club so keep that in mind. Essays, resumes, and test scores are important s well. Make sure the essay is on topic and your resume should express your skills and accomplishments. As for test scores, try to take both the SAT and ACT. You may do bad on the SAT but good on the ACT (or vice versa). For the SAT, shoot for a 1100-1300. For the ACT, aim to make a 22 or above. Also, look at the school's requirements for your major. My overall stats are good but I got rejected from Florida State University because they required me to have 60 college credits in order to attend for my major. The key is to balance out everything. Having a 4.0 with no extracurriculars is not balanced but a 3.6 with 3 extracurriculars can still look good. I hope this answered your question and more!

2 years ago

if you really enjoy the activities you have right now then continue pursuing them and dedicate your time to them. if not, then try finding other clubs/activities that you'd think you'd enjoy more or consider starting your own. i know it sounds generic but do whatever you're truly interested in, colleges can see through stuff you do just for the sake of applications.

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