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3 years ago
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What are some awards or recognitions that would make me stand out as an ivy league applicant?

I really want to get into a top school, especially Yale. However, I am afraid that my ECs and test scores may lack the competitive edge that most accepted students would have. If I were to have some kind of recognition or award on a national level, maybe this could bring my application to the top tier.


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3 years ago[edited]


3 years ago

If your gpa is above a 3.8 and SAT is above 1450 you have a chance not great but good. Most ivies want a diverse body so if you have a strong niche like minority/women in stem/from state not well represented

cough Wyoming couch

You may have a better than average chance.

Ivies are looking for leadership and commitment if you show any type of leadership whether club prez youth group board member or you could be a shift manager at tacobell just show you have any type of leadership expierence and for commiment if you did anything regularly since sophomore year that is super good as ivies take that to mean you will stay boosting retention and their rankings.

For example I have competed nationally in debate I stuck with it since first month of HS if you have 2-3 things similar to this you have a really good chance. Despite not winning I have confinement recognition and I’m on youth group student board. If you can get ECs with a leadership role as a mentor/tutor a job that’s leadership and commitment can be something you will abandon in college you just have to show you are dedicated to that activity. And if you have desirable traits you might have a really good shot.also make sure high school rigor is above average for your school

Best example for desireable traits would be

Able to pay for everything female black/latinx interested in stem and from areas that don’t send a lot to east coast schools think Montana Wyoming North Dakota you probably may only meet 2/3 of the desirable but that is an extreme example but you should have a decent shot with leadership and commitment assuming everything else is average

Best of Luck!


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