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International Student will apply for a full aid scholarship with optional standardized tests

I am an international student who will apply to get a full-ride scholarship.

I have 4.00 on 4 scale GPA (unweighted)

I expect to get 113 out of 120 on TOEFL.

I will apply as SAT optional cause there are some problems that will not make me able to get SAT test.

can I get a full-ride scholarship as an international student applying with test-optional?

I want to major in biology if anyone can recommend me to universities that I Can apply for?

I have a scientific research paper in biology also I took part in many competitions like ISEF, Genius Olympiad, more national competitions.

accepted in some summer programs, two from Yale university will run virtually.

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2 years ago

Technically no no no to all of your “requirements”


big caveat some elite schools (Sub 20% admit rate) will award full need (May include housing but usually does) for international applicants just google full need international student us and you should see a list. The ECs should get some improvements for these schools the only elite private schools (no public school meets full need) that are test optional are Cornell temporary due to COVID and U Chicago though I can’t confirm they meet full need for international applicants.

U Chicago is your best bet as they have a history of test optional and I BELIEVE they are full need for international applicants.

Hope this helps!


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