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Where to start for attending abroad?


Where should I start with looking into attending college abroad? I’ve started taking notes on some expectations and requirements. How can I make myself look a more impressive outside candidate?


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For study abroad as in citizen of US attend US school that is usually reserved for sophomores but google x university study abroad and you should find available destinations.

If you want to enroll abroad as a US citizen reach out to top 20 schools in the country you want to go to and just email the admissions department and ask how do I proceeds in a very basic nutshell.

If you aren’t a US citizen reach out to any school in the US most research schools have an international admissions page and that’sdefinitly worth a look you can also email the international admissions officer and ask them questions.

If you clarify I can provide additional help if you want!

Thank you! I plan to enroll abroad (primarily France) as a US citizen, I’ve seen there are English instruction courses and online grammar courses for non-English instruction. This might be something admissions could answer as well, but for example, my major will be in biology, is there a way I can tell which schools most known for their science programs?
Just google France universities biology though Switzerland has great universities arguably the most similar to US after UK though France is comparable iirc