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Should I take AP Chemistry and AP Calculus AB together? Or separately?

I plan on being a doctor. I'm trying to decide what classes I should take next year. I know that I'm going to take APUSH, JROTC, and Spanish Honors II, but I don't know about my other classes. One of the classes I'm deciding over is AP Calc or AP Chem. I heard somewhere that colleges prefer AP Calc, but my sister told me that I should take AP Chem. I also heard that senior year classes aren't taken into that much account so if I want to show my interest in healthcare, I have to take AP Chem in junior year. I then thought I could take it together, but I'm scared that I won't do well on the AP exams if I have two hard classes to study for. This leads me to whether or not AP Chem and AP Calc are difficult or not and if I should take them together. My friend is taking AP Calc AB, AP Chem, AP Lang, APUSH all together and I wondered if I could do the same. I don't think Chem Honors is hard, so is AP Chem any different? Is AP Calc AB that hard? Has anybody done that and gotten 5's on them both?


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2 years ago

I would recommend taking both classes at the same time. Junior year is your time to shine in terms of academic rigor, and taking the most rigorous classes you can will be a boost to your application so long as you can maintain an unweighted GPA above 3.7/4.0. Your AP exam scores will not a large factor in your admissions decision - they are only really considered in the event that you want to transfer AP credit.

With that said, I would prioritize AP Chem over AP Calc if you decide to choose one. AP Chem is an important class to take to demonstrate your interest in medicine. Hope this helps!

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