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Ucla Nursing (Chancing)

Hi!! I'm an upcoming junior applying to UCLA SON. what do you think my chancing would be and if you were on an admission team would you accept this? I'm also a Canadian high school student so most of my classes are different from America. I'm taking all university courses in grade 11 and grade 12, BUT my high school sadly doesn't offer AP,IB or honors.


My Gpa was HORRID in grade 10, sitting at a 3.5. to 3.7 passed math with like a 60% :( got As and Bs other classes tho (Mostly As) My grade 11 schedule loos so much better, hoping to at least get a 3.9 GPA.


my personal statement I really like, I talked about my struggles while growing up with Sickle cell amenia, how my mom and older sister are both nurses and that's what inspired me and all my extracurricular achievements (3 pages long in total)

Work/Leadership and extracurriculars:

I worked at Tim Horton's and No frills summer grade 9 to now . I'm the co-leader of my school black history month committee, I'm on the student council , student newspaper, and leadership and peer support. I'm doing Co-op at a hospital and apart of a health and wellness program offered at my school (CPR training and also earning a health and wellness certificate) I'm volunteering at my local pharmacy (50+ hours) I'm volunteering at a non-profit medical organization (20+) hours, I sent cards to children hospitals (15+ hours) and I'm volunteering at an organization that helps Nigerian kids go to school (100+ hours) with co-op I'm earning an extra 200 hours so I have about 300+ hours. I'm also on my schools badminton and track team.

Thanks for all the help!!!

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Oops I fogot to say I am taking ASL classes and took French classes from 2012-2020!

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CollegeVine's chancing engine will give you your most accurate odds of acceptance to UCLA SON. Feel free to check it out and input your profile information if you have not already. Hope this helps!

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