2 years ago
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What are some examples of good community service and how do I get involved more?

I'm a junior currently and feel as though I need to do more for community service. I just don't know where to start or how to even "log" my community service. I do most of service through BETA but other than that, not much is done.

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2 years ago

Hi! I’m a sophmore and I’m working on the same thing! From my understanding you can volunteer at hospitals and animal shelters…etc. Well first you can go on websites or call them to sign up, then they should be able to log it for you! You can always ask the people you are volunteering for how it works! Personally my school has a class you can take and they track it there! Hope this helps!

2 years ago[edited]

I'm a sophomore and I have been working on participating in community service. In my community I dont get very many opportunities, but I try and take every one I get. Even though I am applying for something engineering or computer science based, I am trying to volunteer at medical camps and hospitals and participating in activities that are not all related towards my interests. Some large organizations usually in most cities are a food bank, or medical center like red cross. Or if you are interested in a sport, try volunteering at some local camps in your sport. If you want to take it to the text level, start an organization with something you are passionate about, but it all really depends on how much time you have and your daily schedule.

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