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Hello! I'm applying to Harvard a school that values community and leadership. In my personal essay i have spoken on my impact on community, but in my supplementary essay i have two main option. I can either write about my city i live in and also how i've contributed to it (I cans how a bit of leadership here) or should i write my supplementary essay that back up my 'hook' and it'll be about an intellectual experience.


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4 years ago


Supplemental essays are there to SHOW. Show the officers, who you really are. Irrespective of your grades n numbers. So I guess you should write about that.

You need not emphasis on your extracurriculars in the essays, essays should not be the justification of what you did as an EC.

You should use a mindmap. In the centre, write "WHO AM I?" and in the 2 directions write: As an IDENTITY and as A CITIZEN. Write all the words that come in your head. What do you think when you hear your NAME? What are you as a person, all the adjectives. What makes you American, or Chines or Russian? How has your community shaped who you are etc. ? YOU ARE THE FOCUS.

See, you are what your past was. So try and take a walk through time and memories. elive some incidents and write about that. REFLECT that version, which you want "them" to see (oc don't fake it) and then write accordingly.

Also, don't stress! BE WHO YOU ARE! EVEN THAT'D DO.

The name might be appalling, "HARVARD, OMG!" but don't freak out.

Hope this helps. Do upvote I need Karma

4 years ago

Which option gives you more to say about yourself, or lets you more concretely express your personality, values, and interests? There really is no "better" or "worse" when it comes to college essay subjects (outside of the obvious cliches, which neither of these are); the real question is which one gives you more substantial things to say, and which one you'd be able to write more effectively.

What I would consider is also which topic complements your Common App essay (or personal statement—they're the same thing) without being redundant. If you've already talked about community in your main essay, then the first subject might end up covering some of the same ground, and it might be better to approach the supplement essay from a different angle or with a subject in mind that would give context to your other interests and goals.

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