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How can I improve my chances into getting into a top film school for directing/screenwriting? (USC, NYU, etc.)


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I plan on: attending summer camps, starting a film club, making short films, starting a film podcast (if anyone can give me advice on which of these ideas is strongest I would very much appreciate it)

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@Charles20232 years ago

Yeah I need help to because i'm kind of lost a little bit.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@gillianb2 years ago

People had GREAT advice for me in the comments. I wish you luck! If you ever want to connect or chat about film-related stuff, feel free to reach out :)

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2 years ago

Starting your own club would be a great start! I recommend if your school has any ties with community colleges around you, trying to take a few non-prerequisite classes would help a lot. Are you interested in interning next year (assuming you'll be 16) you can try to intern for a local film-maker! Try to enter creative writing contests as well, those help a TON. You can also try to take some online adobe visual/premiere courses (they're free on youtube) and familiarize yourself with how to use editing software. Taking online assessments for adobe also certifies you, which looks great on college applications!

2 years ago

Hi I'm also a tenth grader!! Yeah, starting a film club would be great! It would give you the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side! A lot of places and towns and film festivals, where you can either submit a film outline or an actual short film! Winning one of these, or even being nominated, would look really good as it would show your dedication. I'm currently working on submitting something for my town's film festival!! You could also make a blog, youtube channel, or segment in your school's newspaper about film and film recommendations/reviews. Good luck :D

2 years ago

I think starting your own film club would look very good on applications, as it demonstrates leadership, a lot of interest, and dedication. It would especially be good if the film club got some recognition some how, maybe from making a short film or writing a blog about film or something. Stats look great you got this!

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