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TULANE Chief Marketing head joins NorthEastern to replicate his wining strategy

I've never heard of this guy Satyajit Dattagupta but I think he's a genius of sorts. Why? Because single-handedly he was responsible for implementing the marketing strategy for Tulane which got them from a 20 something percentage admit rate college to a 10% admit rate college. He added more ED rounds which improved yield rates and now Tulane is in the same ranks as colleges like Tufts, USC, UCLA, Emory. I still do no think Tulane is that good of a college compared to these in the same group now. Just me personally but give me a choice between Tulane and Georgetown any day of the week, and I'll always pick GTown over Tulane even though Tulane's admit rate is over 1% point lower.

For some reason, Satyajit wow'd the NorthEastern folks who themselves have done a phenomenal job of improving the stats and rankings. Again, I would always pick Boston College and Boston University over NorthEastern but now they are all lumped as the Trio of large highly competitive colleges in Boston.

I can easily see Satyajit repeating the same magic onto NorthEastern and tweaking the ED1, ED2 and EA rounds so that they fill up like 50-60% of the class before the RD admissions round.

I can see NEastern having a 10% admit rate in the next 3 years. It's not that hard to imagine.

But remember readers, admit rates and rankings do not necessarily mean you are going to get an excellent education at these schools or enjoy yourselves there. I would much rather go to a Wake Forest, Vassar, Colgate, University of Richmond or Hamilton or even a Macalester than a Tulane/NorthEastern but that's just me.


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2 years ago

"I still do no think Tulane is that good of a college" Just because a school isn't a t20, doesn't mean it's not a good college :)

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Historically Tulane was considered a highly competitive college similar to the University of Miami or Syracuse University or the University of Rochester. While these are all very good colleges, my point is that through various deliberate marketing schemes which manipulate rankings, Tulane like NorthEastern was able to leapfrog their former competition and end up shoulder to shoulder with schools like Tufts and Emory, schools that were always better in academic reputations. My main point is that students/parents unfamiliar with Tulane's past will be impressed with their 10% admit rate but I don't think admit rate should be a weighed as heavily.


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