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Thoughts on getting accepted into Caltech?

I am a freshman at a public high school in Canada. I want to go to Caltech for Astrophysics but it is a very hard school to get into because of its small size, prestige, etc.

I am taking a leadership-based program that affects my Business, Science, and Geography classes making them harder and more leadership-oriented. I had to apply to it and only 26 kids made it. It lasts throughout high school.

This year I am taking pre-AP English, French, Business, Technology (Shop class), Math, Science, Phys-ed, and Geography. As mentioned before, Business, Science, and Geography are separate program levels, but everything else is Academic level with the exception of Tech (it's an open level). My GPA is about 3.96 right now.

For extracurriculars, I play hockey and baseball recreationally, and in school, I have played volleyball (varsity), football (JV), and badminton (JV). For hobbies, I program for fun, hunt, fish, and camp. I also like to build stuff (e.g go-karts, random machines, etc.)

In conclusion (sorry this is so long), I tried the CollegeVine chancing simulator and only have about a 5% chance of getting in. Any thoughts on how I can improve or is Caltech really that hard to get into.

Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago

First off, you are doing great as a freshman! Secondly, if you can, take more math and science classes. Try advancing in your math classes if you can. I was able to take a math class over the summer so I would be able to take a more advanced math class. ECs look good so far yet they could improve. If you program for fun, try creating an app or a website. Start looking at programs you can apply to and start thinking about ways you can improve your ECs to be Astrophysics oriented (for some all of them don't have to be). Compete in contests like the Physics Bowl. Then again, you still have a lot of time to improve on all aspects.

"is Caltech really that hard to get into." Yes, yes it is.

"I tried the CollegeVine chancing simulator and only have about a 5% chance of getting in". Expect that. You are a freshman. You probably haven't taken the SAT, you still have a lot of areas to improve in your ECs, you have a lot more classes to take, and a lot more circumstances where your gpa may fluctuate. Don't expect for CV to say "15%" or "20" because even if you do improve on a lot of things, your chances may still be in the one digit area.

Other than that, keep up the good work!

2 years ago

Caltech is the 2nd hardest school to get into besides Harvard (3.25% vs. 3.19%).

Caltech is TEST BLIND so it doesn't matter if you get a 1600 SAT or 36 ACT, they redact submitted test scores and do not consider them.

Since only 3 out of 100 high achieving STEM focused applicants get in, my advise to you is to use the extra time you have by not having to take the SAT or ACT and take additional online college level maths or science courses before you apply.

Successful Caltech admits typically have add'l coursework not offered in HS like Math (Differential equations, Stochastic Processes, Real analysis, Multivariate analysis, Multivariable Calculus (Calc III) or high level sciences like Advanced Physics topics, Astronomy, Astrophysics etc.

They are a serious NCAA Division III sports team so if you can play a DIII sport for Caltech that will advance your chances greatly. Therefore look at the athletic home page and see if you athletic ability fits some of those teams.

Good luck.

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I was searching for elevator companies in Pakistan and went through your this question so decided to give you the best answer:

1- To prepare for the SAT or ACT, first take practice tests to figure out which one you'll do better at.

2- Practice is key.

3- Take notes during class and review them later.

4- Start studying early.

5- Review your wrong answers carefully, and ask your teachers to explain any questions you're still having trouble with.

These helpful tips will improve your skills so you can attend Caltech.


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