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Is my college application good?

I am a sophomore studying in India and a US citizen. These are all the things I have decided to do for colleges like MIT. Tell if they’re good and add any suggestions. Thank you:

AP- Calculus AB,BC;Statistics; Chemistry;Biology;Physics 1,2;Psychology; Computer Science

SAT Subject- Maths 2,Physics,Chemistry ( I’ve heard MIT won’t accept them in admissions process. Should I still do it?)

Volunteering- Local natural conservation NGOs and community services

Badminton tournaments

State Math and Science competitions and quizzes and Debates. I actively take part in class competitions.

I am planning on applying for a job in a local business.

Applying to summer programs like mites ,mostec etc.

Besides these I like problem solving like solving Rubik’s cube, cycling, reading and learning science and math.

I am also planning to learn to play harmonica.

I also know how to speak Hindi, Sanskrit and French. Also learning Spanish and German.


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