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Is my college application good?

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I am a sophomore studying in India and a US citizen. These are all the things I have decided to do for colleges like MIT. Tell if they’re good and add any suggestions. Thank you:

AP- Calculus AB,BC;Statistics; Chemistry;Biology;Physics 1,2;Psychology; Computer Science

SAT Subject- Maths 2,Physics,Chemistry ( I’ve heard MIT won’t accept them in admissions process. Should I still do it?)

Volunteering- Local natural conservation NGOs and community services

Badminton tournaments

State Math and Science competitions and quizzes and Debates. I actively take part in class competitions.

I am planning on applying for a job in a local business.

Applying to summer programs like mites ,mostec etc.

Besides these I like problem solving like solving Rubik’s cube, cycling, reading and learning science and math.

I am also planning to learn to play harmonica.

I also know how to speak Hindi, Sanskrit and French. Also learning Spanish and German.


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It sounds like a good, competitive profile! I am not sure if you will take the SAT/ACT or another entrance exam (are you applying as an international student or not?), but if you take the SAT or ACT you should aim for a minimum of a 1500 or a 33 respectively to be in decent standing. Your extracurricular profile is great! Keep in mind colleges really only care about extracurriculars that relate to your field of interest, so I’m assuming you want to go to MIT for a STEM-related field (science technology engineering and math/medicine). For this, the language and community service section is a nice add-on but not something that would be super relevant. See if you can win awards relating to STEM on a national or regional level, and in your school see if you can get officer (president, VP, treasurer, etc) positions within the clubs that you’re in relating to STEM. Overall it sounds like you know what you’re doing and that you’re on the right path.

Thank you for answering. I am taking SAT under US citizen. I have been taking practice and my math section is going excellent with 800 coming in many practice paper. My writing and reading is being improved, currently at 720 the highest in practice paper although it still needs work. As for subject field yes it is STEM, and for that , I will be applying for state competitions in 10th and later will try to search for some national cause we don’t have a lot of them. Thank you for your suggestion