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I am a junior at TC Roberson Highschool in NC and I have taken close to the maximum number of AP and Honors classes while still taking the required standard classes (PE and Chinese I and II). However, there is a local STEM school that gives students different opportunities that inflate their GPAs. This is great and all until several of them transferred to my school and passed me in class rank. In my class of around 350, I would be ranked second but when the transfers are included(and in the rank that actually shows up) I am 7th. I have already talked to counselors, administration, etc but they don't seem to care about my concerns. I have also talked to the one TC student above me (now 2nd) and he feels the same way.

In the end, I just want to know how much a class rank change like this actually matters(I know it's not even close to the top thing colleges look at) and if this is something I could mention in the college application process. Any other advice would also be welcome. Thanks!

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2 years ago

Hello! Although colleges do look at class rank, this factor is relatively unimportant and will not make or break your application. Moving from 2nd to 7th will not harm your chances at all; 7th out of 350 is still extremely impressive! Colleges mainly look at class rank to determine how well you are doing compared to your peers and, since you are well within the top 10%, don't worry.

Hope this helped!

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