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How can I make my application stand out during Corona?


I am a freshman, and I want to know how to make my application stand out during corona. If I’m going to work hard to get into a prestigious university, how do I make myself stand out during these times when I can’t sign up for clubs, attend sports, etc? Heck knows what’s going to happen to collegeboard and all their SAT/ACT problems right now! Will I even be able to take the SAT in the coming years?? I guess I could make a game or write a blog, but all those activities are a gamble, and it only matters if I do gain popularity. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it and if I’m just wasting time on projects that no one will ever see.


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ask this in the current Q&A webinar that is going on right now, Vinnay will be able to answer this complicated question better than we students can… i’ll say you aren’t wasting your time on a project as long as it is about something you are passionate about and that it is legitimate and long-standing (you continue it for a couple of years). you should aim to take the SAT/ACT when you are either a rising junior (so like august after you finish sophomore year) or beginning of junior year. there should not be any big changes to Collegeboard that will cause you to not be able to take the test soon.

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Agreed I believe this summer CB and ACT will try to make a e-version or SAT and ACT and eventually return to normal with in 2 years.

Try looking into a club that you deeply care about not necessarily your major such as track field or environment club. Then look into a club or activities you can do related to your major such as build a website if you are interested in computer science. If you join a club look to get a officer position in junior or senior year