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TOP 3 Opportunities That Should NEVER be Missed Especially for all Wisconsin Student!!!

I have some great resources to share with all students especially for those in Wisconsin. I was shocked that so many of my classmates have been aware of these early college opportunities. I understand it creates a natural filter and leaves the resources to students who truly need it. This is also because these programs are usually paid for by the district and are expensive.So I wish to publicize such resources to all that don't know them yet, so you may start college programs early!


1) UW-summer Madison's pre-college programs; such college level courses are equivalent to AP/Honors. It demonstrates your interest in the UW program, which increases your chances of acceptance.

2) Early College Stem Academy - https://madisoncollege.edu/academics/college-credit-in-high-school/classes-at-mc/academies/stem. Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

If you are interested in one or all of the above, this is your academy. Attend Madison College full time – and complete one to two years of college credits. Best of all, classes count toward your high school graduation requirements too.

3) Badger Precollege: https://precollege.wisc.edu (Anyone who lives in the U.S can apply/attend)

If you have exhausted your high school class options because your school does not offer a higher level class. Every high school student should be aware of a hidden resource in Wisconsin. You can earn free dual credit from Wisconsin colleges and universities, including UW-Madison, while still in high school by participating in the ECCP (Early College Credit Program). Furthermore, if accepted by UW after graduation, you will be able to transfer all of your courses as true college credit! Earning a degree will help you save time and money.

UW High School Students: https://acsss.wisc.edu/high-school

Here are the basic requirements for a UW-Madison ECCP applier:

a) Be a high school junior or senior with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 (overall and in the most recent semester).

b) Attend a Wisconsin public or private high school.

c) Have support for your academic plan from your high school guidance counselor or principal, and district (for public schools).

Note for ECCP: Having said that, if you have exceptional circumstances, you can apply to ECCP before 11th grade. To get the district to pay for your tuition, you must first exhaust your local high school's class resources. Second, once you've applied, you'll need to have the necessary skill sets for your specific class choice. A teacher recommendation letter is frequently required to explain/justify why you are eligible to begin the program early.

So, speak with your counselor about how to apply for ECCP. If you don't live in Wisconsin, also check with your counselor to see if there are similar programs provided in your state.


PS: I hope this post was helpful! Also, feel free to vote in the poll below on whether or not schools should promote Early College opportunities mentioned above to students more frequently.

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