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Hello all!

I am a junior and I'm actively thinking about colleges and where I might apply as well as how my application might look to some of my dream schools: UPenn and Northwestern. I have taken some AP classes: Calc BC, Comp Sci sophomore year. This year: APUSH, Psych, Lang. I got an A in Calc BC and an A- in APCS. Based on my grades so far, I should get an A+ in APUSH; an A+ in Psych, and an A or A- in Lang (my teacher is VERY harsh on grading). I did get one B+ in my freshmen year as a final grade in Spanish 3. Other than that, I've always had As or A+s. My GPA is currently 4.17 unweighted and I think 4.2 weighted. I got a 1550 on my SAT on the first attempt as well(not planning on retaking). In terms of extracurriculars, I've pioneered a summer tutoring club for kids who struggled during the COVID year. I also have contributed to some medical research papers (I aspire to be a surgeon and go into pre-med). I also got 3rd and 2nd at state level computer fairs for website design (one of my hobbies). On the research note, I also started an out of school club for other juniors who were interested in research, and we're all learning virtually from some trusted medical students. How do you guys think I stack against other competitive applicants? Being the first kid, it's all sort of new to me and I want to make sure I am not missing anything. Thank you all!


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Looks like you are pretty competitive for top schools! Have a very good amount of course rigor and have the extracurriculars as well. Even the test scores!

Most people are typically missing 1 of those key elements to get in top schools but you have them all and assuming you keep up your pace you will certainly get accepted in to top schools. I would recommend contacting the schools you are interested in to visit and get to know their programs a little better (if possible)

Overall amazing job! You definitely have the makings of a student who ends up at a top 10 school.

2 years ago

Most would consider this a "Chance Me" question. These types of questions are not allowed on the CV Q & A because they undermine the Chancing Engine which is key feature of the CV website. I would revert to putting in your stats and coursework and ECs into your CV profile and running the chancing engine against the colleges you are trying to get feedback. The CV engine results are better than what HS student guessing odds are anyway.

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