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Teachers Recommendation Letters?

When asking teachers to write college Letters of Recommendation, how do I make sure the teacher is aware of my list of accomplishments so they write a meaningful letter?

Also, can a person other than a teacher write a letter (like my Eagle Scout leader or Flight Instructor)?

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4 years ago

So some schools diferitiate between counselor and teachers. For counselor it is mor a testimony of character not of accomplishment due to how overworked counselors are at most schools.

Teacher refs should speak to your skill in that subject you want to major in math ask 11th grade math teacher and or ask a teacher who you have the best relationship with as in home room teacher or a teacher you had 2 years with. A teacher unless a coach or club sponsor does not speak to your activities merely your conduct and personality in the class unless they are of course club sponsor.

Many selective schools require or recommend (read want not need) a letter usually they want a teacher or counselor. If they require or recommend a letter from anyone I’d offer them a teacher (either best relationship or subject) then coUs elite then outside person.

For a community recommendation such as a pastor scout leader job supervisor etc you generally want them to attest to your character in their activity a job supervisor attests to your responsibility through was leadership etc flight instructor offers information about patience and attention to detail etc

Don’t ask a distant family friend who is a city counselor they need to personally know you and you should have meaningful interaction with them at least once a week

Most rec letters want a brief anecdote a testament to your charctor attesting your personality and you are a good person. And then a statement saying LuDan is an excellent person and I believe s/he will thrive at your institution.

Remember the FERPA waiver!

3 years ago

As many colleges adopt test-optional policies, they are looking for other ways to evaluate students. Colleges want to understand students non-academic strengths - like drive, focus, collaboration. Club leaders and mentors are excellent choices to speak to your unique set of strengths. They describe different situations where they saw you persevere, or a specific contribution you made to your community. It helps colleges understand how you will contribute once you get to campus.

4 years ago

Definitely help the teacher be able to help you! I would put together a list of your accomplishments, but more importantly a few quotes about how their classes was meaningful to you or what you learned from them as a teacher that meant a lot to you. Keep it short but poignant. Try to give a specific example of something that happened in their class that showcased you as a student. All the best to you!

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