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Is my application okay for selective colleges?

GPA: 3.65 (weighted)

hasn't changed for this year but this is my GPA for freshman year

I am currently a sophomore in high school planning to major in computer science. These are a few things I have done so far for colleges like Princeton, NYU, and Rutgers. Please leave any suggestions. Thank you!

AP's and Honors- World History Honors I, Advanced Computer graphics (sophomore year)

Environmental Honors, English 11 STEAM, Algebra 2 STEAM, AP Spanish (next year, junior year)

My school only offers 9 AP classes, usually offered to juniors and seniors

Volunteering- Police Academy, volunteered at several senior citizen events - help carry food in, serve, start conversations, clean up

- During the coronavirus, helped kids with homework by face timing and wrote cards for nurses and doctors working during this pandemic ;)

- MOMS; community service club member and photographer


Tutor - 3rd grader: Teach math, reading, and social studies; 2 hours every weekday during the school year (since 2019- ongoing)

DJ Light assistant; employment: Usually during the weekends; long hours (since 2019- ongoing)

Sales Associate; during the summer; 6 hours each day

STEAM Academy

Editing & photography (hobbies)

Student council; member (hopefully, student officer for the school spirit committee this year)

Gov STEM Scholars - Year-long research program


My Spanish poem and artwork were published on NOVA, a literary magazine containing all student poetry and artwork that is sold to all students, administrators, teachers, and staff.

Academic Honors: 2 freshman year(Honor roll), 2 junior year ( 1 honor roll, 1 high honor)

3 photographs and 1 digital artwork was presented at the art show in my school

- Currently applying to summer coding programs


I know how to speak English, Spanish, Korean (Hangul only)





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It mostly depends on junior and sophomore grades and what rigor those are so I can not accurately say anything about those you should get your UW gpa to be over 3.8 and your ECs look good but you will want to get leadership/officer positions eventually but for 9-10th it’s very good.

Also your demographics can play a huge part the ideal Canadians in terms of demographics is a black female studying stem and from a sparse state such as Wyoming Montana Alaska etc especially for east coast. That’s an ideal candidate but if you are from a state that adds geographical diversity adds racial diversity or adds major diversity that’s all god for you and may counteract a comparatively low gpa or sat.

I’d say your major hang up is improving rigor which comes in time and improving gpa to just around a 3.8+ should do the trick and you have a fairly good chance at ivy plus schools.

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Hey, @ail.xo! Your application already looks impressive! To better your chance at acceptance, I would suggest you raise your unweighted GPA to a 3.87-3.9. You can do this by taking more APs or if your school doesn't have them, try IB classes or dual-credit courses at your local college. Make sure when you take the ACT, you aim for a 33-36 for Princeton and NYU. You can better your extra-curricular by founding a club either for something you're passionate about or winning more prestigious competitions. Also, try interning in something you like with notable institutions like universities or widely-known summer camps.


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