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Is my application okay for selective colleges?

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GPA: 3.65 (weighted)

* hasn't changed for this year but this is my GPA for freshman year

I am currently a sophomore in high school planning to major in computer science. These are a few things I have done so far for colleges like Princeton, NYU, and Rutgers. Please leave any suggestions. Thank you!

AP's and Honors- World History Honors I, Advanced Computer graphics (sophomore year)

Environmental Honors, English 11 STEAM, Algebra 2 STEAM, AP Spanish (next year, junior year)

* My school only offers 9 AP classes, usually offered to juniors and seniors

Volunteering- Police Academy, volunteered at several senior citizen events - help carry food in, serve, start conversations, clean up

- During the coronavirus, helped kids with homework by face timing and wrote cards for nurses and doctors working during this pandemic ;)

- MOMS; community service club member and photographer


*Tutor - 3rd grader: Teach math, reading, and social studies; 2 hours every weekday during the school year (since 2019- ongoing)

*DJ Light assistant; employment: Usually during the weekends; long hours (since 2019- ongoing)

*Sales Associate; during the summer; 6 hours each day

*STEAM Academy

*Editing & photography (hobbies)

*Student council; member (hopefully, student officer for the school spirit committee this year)

*Gov STEM Scholars - Year-long research program


*My Spanish poem and artwork were published on NOVA, a literary magazine containing all student poetry and artwork that is sold to all students, administrators, teachers, and staff.

*Academic Honors: 2 freshman year(Honor roll), 2 junior year ( 1 honor roll, 1 high honor)

*3 photographs and 1 digital artwork was presented at the art show in my school

- Currently applying to summer coding programs


*I know how to speak English, Spanish, Korean (Hangul only)





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It mostly depends on junior and sophomore grades and what rigor those are so I can not accurately say anything about those you should get your UW gpa to be over 3.8 and your ECs look good but you will want to get leadership/officer positions eventually but for 9-10th it’s very good.

Also your demographics can play a huge part the ideal Canadians in terms of demographics is a black female studying stem and from a sparse state such as Wyoming Montana Alaska etc especially for east coast. That’s an ideal candidate but if you are from a state that adds geographical diversity adds racial diversity or adds major diversity that’s all god for you and may counteract a comparatively low gpa or sat.

I’d say your major hang up is improving rigor which comes in time and improving gpa to just around a 3.8+ should do the trick and you have a fairly good chance at ivy plus schools.

Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! In terms of demographics, I'm hispanic and I'm from New Jersey. I'm also low income which is why I'm debating whether to apply to NYU since the financial aid isn't the best. I'll definitely try my best to increase my GPA, that is my main goal during junior year!
NEw Jersey if I remember correctly gets no noticeable boost for admissions to elite schools may maybe Stanford/Wustl/Rice. Also try looking at quest ridge you may be elidgible through them for tuition. Also google 100 need met us schools that’s a list that will meet full need
Omg really? I never knew that.. not even Princeton? ;( Does that mean I may get considered if I apply to Stanford? Also, I will look it up, thank you so much for your recommendations!
Private schools don’t care about what state you come from as some private schools have majority of admitted students from instate but Stanford gets most of its applicants from California and as such they are heavily represented and that’s because of the number of Californian applicants now Rutgers would give you a boost as it is public. As Stanford the geographical boost is applied but I don’t know how big that is and These colleges try to get 50 states so NJ may have a small boost.
Makes sense, thank you for the information!
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haha that's good to know. I would've done my extracurriculars more stem related but my school doesn't really have any clubs related to science. They only have Math club and something called Academic Bowl which is something about trivia. Also, if I want to open up a club at my school, teachers don't really agree on being the leader. Any advice?
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Hey, @ail.xo! Your application already looks impressive! To better your chance at acceptance, I would suggest you raise your unweighted GPA to a 3.87-3.9. You can do this by taking more APs or if your school doesn't have them, try IB classes or dual-credit courses at your local college. Make sure when you take the ACT, you aim for a 33-36 for Princeton and NYU. You can better your extra-curricular by founding a club either for something you're passionate about or winning more prestigious competitions. Also, try interning in something you like with notable institutions like universities or widely-known summer camps.

Thank you so much for your feedback!!I agree with raising my GPA. Is it okay that I decided to take college level classes senior year? I'm currently focused on taking honors and AP classes right now since I lack on them, especially since I didn't take any freshman year. For senior year, I will be determined to take college level classes! For internships, it's difficult to find some around my area. Any tips or advice?
College classes are great in senior year as for internships working in fast food and eventually a shift leader is really good though shift leader may be too late to attain it. Also some of the food places have college routes that may help pay.
Yay! That's great to hear, I'll look into it. Thank you!! Any other tips for college applications in general?
Look up supertutor tv on YouTube and think of a unique essay that is feasible no essay written in binary yes someone did that. My essay is how a quote applies to my life you can write an essay about anything about you but avoid cliches and focus on yourself and don’t under or overstate on essay Best of luck!
Great advice! Thank you so much, I'll check out their videos ;)
Good luck!
Thank you so much!