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Where should I go, Umass Dartmouth or Smith College

I plan on majoring in neuroscience or Biological science depending on the school I will attend. I am very conflicted on which school to pick because Umass Dartmouth is a public research university and (in my opinion a better university to become innovated) It's also a bigger campus and they offer a ton of job opportunities-----> I also would pay about $18.5k

For Smith college, is well known as a prestigious liberal arts school and they have better networking for internships and other opportunities. Their open curriculum is unique and allows me to have more freedom to choose my own academic path which is cool.-----> I don't have my financial aid packet yet, but I calculated my EFC and would pay about $28.3k(It's an estimated cost so I'm not entirely sure how much money I would receive).


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2 years ago[edited]

That depends on what you value more in Umass Dartmouth or Smith College. If you value a good price more, than you should go to the school that gives you the cheaper price. If you value a more free curriculum (like me), then you should go to Smith College. If you value innovation more, than go to Umass Dartmouth. If you have a specific job you're aiming to get such a doctor, then you should look at how well the students there did in getting there. You should also look at specific programs they offer at the schools that you like and see which one you like more. In the end, this decision is up to your preferences and goals.

Either way, they are both great schools. I'm actually aiming to get in Smith College, though I would really like to get into Wellesley or Vanderbilt.

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