2 years ago
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I feel mediocre. What should I focus on or make a spike?

Freshman here.

I know I'm not a world-class singer or painter or even dancer. I wish my parents put me in singing or figure skating or something. But I have to act fast. Freshman year is almost over and I haven't done any sports or anything extraordinary this year. I tried out for tennis (I've never played before) hoping to just get on the freshman team, but I didn't even make the team. I would do choir, but I know that'd never go anywhere. None of my art projects ever got hung up during my fundamentals of art class in semester one. I'm working to be a better runner by running (almost?) every day, hoping to get on the varsity cross country team sophomore year. Another factor is money. Private tennis coaches cost a kidney and a half. I do want to join the Cross Country Club which has a one-time fee of $155 and also find a way to get better at tennis. I just have nothing about me that screams special. While I'm interested in the implementation of AI in biomedical sciences, that's just career stuff. I want to have something about me that people will know me for. Oh, I forgot I like creative writing too, poetry, short stories, and I think I'm kinda good at it too.


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2 years ago

Hi there,

I'm a freshman as well and feel kind of in a similar situation as you. I've tried quite a few sports but I'm not doing them anymore (or good at them). I think that you should try out as many clubs that you can, exploring your interests.

You don't have to be extremely good at anything, just try to improve upon your skills that you like. I think that you working towards being a beter runner for varsity cross country team is good, but maybe also be open to joining a JV cross country team if you're not accepted.

If you like choir, maybe try doing it. I think that not joining something just because you think it's not going anywhere isn't really a good reason to not join it.

Maybe you can also start your own club at your school that focuses on AI, biomedical sciences, or creative writing/short stories/poetry since you're interested in that those things. I think that creating a club is something good that people would remember you for.

You can look into Girls Who Code summer program (if you are also interested in CS...I know it's not exactly the same as IT). You can look at different things to do over the summer, it's kind of hard to join anything this year with only a few months remaining in the school year. Maybe you can join the last meetings of any club/sport you might be interested in to help you figure out what activites don't make you feel so mediocre. (Honestly, I think that biomedical science seems pretty special to me :))

2 years ago

it's only your freshman year, take it slow and calm. if something doesn't/won't work out, move on to something else. and you don't necessarily have to be good at something for it to be an EC, you could go to art classes out of school and you have an EC whether you're good at the class or not.

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