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2 years ago
Admissions Advice

Dual Enrollment on an Application

I am a junior, now a few days short of being a senior. I am more then halfway through a dual enrollment program and I’ve put in a lot of effort. I’ve completed all courses with an A or 4.0. I’ve just started to wonder how a program like this would look on application? Or rather, how would admissions view a program like this? Does this help and strengthen my application? Or does this not help me at all? I’ve really banked on having admissions see me as an ambitious student because of this program and the density of all these college courses. Can anyone educate me? Thank you!


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1 answer

2 years ago

Colleges do take a look at class rigor although it is valued a little less than GPA and test scores. But it will definitely show admission officers that you're working hard throughout high school


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