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ECs/Awards affilated with other colleges

When signing up for a virtual interview, I am asked to list no more than three Extracurriculars/Awards. I will most likely have to talk about them during the interview. I believe my two best ones are becoming a Questbridge College Prep Scholar and participating in MOSTEC (an MIT program). Should I list them, even though the schools is neither MIT nor a Questbridge partner?

TLDR: Should I list Questbridge and MOSTEC before my interview, even though the school is not MIT or in Questbridge?

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2 years ago

The ECs you list should show leadership and commitment I don’t know about QB or Mostec but if QB is what I suspect it is primarily based on finicial need and academics not just academics so it is up to you. I presume the interviewer will ask about passions leadership and involvement so while I don’t know about mostec id say no to qb.

2 years ago

I obviously can't see all of your awards together to compare them, but yes both of those are pretty substantial awards and would be strong choices to include on any list. It does not matter if the schools you're interviewing for are part of MIT or Questbridge or not—it's the selection for the awards themselves that is substantial, and the leadership or level of accomplishment that they shows.


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