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How important is rigorous Extracurricular in related field for College Admission?

Hello, I'm a freshman high school student. My fields of interest are Computer Science and Economics. I believe I will enroll in these college courses (Double Major if possible). However, there are no CS or Econ clubs at my high school. So, should I establish my own club (competitive or not) in the two fields above? How important is rigorous Extracurricular in a related field for College Admission? Also, does founding a club and continue through the next three years present my leadership and persistence to colleges? Does it increase my chance to be accepted by top Universities?

@usegrammardummy2 years ago

You should maybe join coding tournaments. Great extracurricular. Econ, I'm not entirely sure, but since economics is also about how communities are impacted by financial decisions (macro, anyways) volunteering based organizations can be good. Is it too late for you to apply for school treasurer? That's also going to reflect well too.

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Thank you all for the answers! It's helpful to me.

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I believe that being involved in clubs, no matter what the club is about, is important in a college's decision. Being involved in extracurriculars strengthens your college application and makes your chance of getting in higher than if you had no extracurriculars.

Founding a club is definitely seen as a good thing to colleges and being active in said club for the rest of your high school career will make it even better for you. It will increase your chance of having a really strong application and high school past for colleges to look at. Colleges care about what you have done in your clubs, not that you are in a club. If you have a good record in a club of being a leader, founding a club, being an active and passionate member, etc. colleges WILL care! So, I say that you should try to create a club at your school and try your best to make it worth it, good luck! I believe that it will show colleges that the majors you choose are concrete in what you want to do.

2 years ago

Extracurriculars are crucial for your college application. Extracurriculars show colleges your personality, your academic interests, and your professional ambitions. Since CS and Econ are your main interests, you will want to do activities which reflect that.

This CollegeVine article explains the importance of extracurriculars. Founding clubs related to CS and Econ will certainly benefit your application. However, there are other types of ECs you could take on that would increase your admissions chances just as much. This blog post can give you some ideas. Hope this helps!

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