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Are these extracircullars Tier 1 or Tier 2


Academic Bowl - really passionate about this club, trying for state level wins

Reading Bowl - co-founded this club and became President after my former teacher (also sponsor) was willing, managed to get all the way to region last year and state this year

Middle School Reading Bowl - since the teacher for the MS team retired, I stepped in as coach and took the team to regional and state wins

Internships - one at Next Gen Focus for tutoring

Tutoring Hours - aiming for 200-300 at the end of high school

Sports - Organized a Basketball League between 2 neighborhoods with weekly games/tournaments

Part of school cricket team

Finance/Investment Club - just a member, maybe gain credentials to show econ interest

St Jude’s Fundraising Campaign - goal of 1K to raise for Childhood Cancer causes

Research Paper on History/Econ Interconnection - writing with a mentor from my school (very smart junior) (this stemmed from academic bowl background and interests, so not random)

Research Paper on Social Equality/Justice in schools - Trying to partner with a PhD to write a paper addressing certain issues and resolving them

Data Science Class sponsored by Wells Fargo - Summer 30 hr program in which our group won a scholarship to Carolina University

Starting an Academy Co-founder - Me and 2 others from my neighborhood came together to form a “organization” to help the kids in our neighborhood with school, grades, tutoring, advice for future, etc and used the money from that business and gave to charities

NHS - join the club, show leadership skills

Became director of operations/VP of YouthforFinance - an educational nonprofit teaching financial literacy to underprivileged communities

Built an app for the organization/academy created above to provide quick and easy access to any willing to try us out

Also in the extracurriculars, I forgot to mention me and friend are planning to develop an app connection refugees and homeless shelters to restaurants to avoid throwing away leftover food and donate to the hungry shelters as well as trying to develop an away combining engineering, CS, business, econ, finance in a way to try and get over 100k downloads

LORs - Getting a "glowing" letter of Rec from my former middle school teacher whom I started reading bowl with as well as high school teachers (ELA and World)

Overall my extracurriculars revolve around community service (just like helping others and bringing awareness to subjects I'm passionate about) and also business/econ/history stemming from the Academic Bowl interest.


Presidential service award for over 250 hrs of tutoring

5th at state in reading bowl

Business Major

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Accepted Answer
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None of your extracurricular activities are Tier 1 activities, they are either 2, 3 or 4 and more specifically the following:

Academic Bowl - Non Art Competition - 3a or 3c depending on whether you win State

Reading Bowl - Non Art Competition - 2a since you are the President, since you came in 5th in State that doesn't bump it up higher.

Middle School Reading Bowl - would not be counted twice since it's a continuation of HS Reading Bowl

Internship/Tutoring - 2c

Sports - 4c for your community league, 4a if you are JV cricket player, 2c if Varsity Cricket player

Finance Club - 4a

St. Judes - 4a, 3c if you raise $1000+

NHS - 3b

Future Research papers - either 2c or 3a depending on where they are published

Neighborhood Academy - 3b

Youth for Finance - App / VP - either 3c or 3a

If your Presidential service award is for your aforementioned tutoring, then it's an honor/award in a different section of the common app, not an EC. Similar your 5th place is an honor/award.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Hi there,

Wow! You have a lot of impressive ECs!

I think that the Reading Bowl & MS Reading Bowl as well as basketball league are definitely tier one as well as developing the app. Starting the Academy as a co-founder and VP of YouthforFinance seem Tier 1 as well. If you can partner with the PhD and successfully write that paper, that's going to be pretty impressive as well.

The rest seem like they fall under tier 2 or tier 3. You can use the CollegeVine chancing simulator as a better guide. It's under the schools tab at the top of the page.

Overall, your extracurriculars are very impressive and definitely fall under the higher tiers! :)

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