2 years ago
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why can't you enter any academic scholarships/awards won? Aren't these taken into consideration?

My daughter has won numerous academic awards and has an academic scholarship to her independent HS. Yet there doesn't seem to be a place to enter these. Are these not factored in?

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2 years ago[edited]

Although College Vine's profile inputs are the best in the industry compared to any other similar chancing engine, it doesn't cover all data points like Honors/Awards that are inputs in the Common or Coalition app that your daughter would submit to her college list.

Most chancing engines only cover GPA and Test Scores. And some ask for rank. There are even others that want you to pay a subscription fee for getting a result after asking only 5 data points.

The point I'm making is that CV will most likely expand it's data collection inputs so it can give a more accurate chancing result. Nevertheless, since they have collected literally tens of thousands of profiles and tracked these CV member through the college admissions process, the % percentage range is accurate within 3-5% I believe, perhaps even tighter.

So I someone gets a 10%-15% chance on a hard reach school, it not going to be 30% because of margin of error, it might be 7-18% or worst cast 5-20%.

Besides honors/awards, there are other factors being a recruited athlete, child of faculty or development candidate who is child of big $$$$ donor that has more impact on chancing but to serve the general population, most people that use this tool are not ALDC applicants. Therefore, adding this features would only impact only a minority of applicants. The other fact is that if you are an ALDC, you are most likely not using free chancing tools on the internet because you have a connections to reputable college admissions consultants or coaches that are working and advocating for you.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Awards are certainly taken into consideration in the college application process. CameronBameron is right when it comes to CollegeVine's software - it does not currently allow you to input information about awards, but our tech team is working to add this feature and more!

For now, you can input these awards as extracurriculars. For example, an academic scholarship could be counted as an activity under the category "honor societies." Hope this helps!

2 years ago

If the college accepts non- common app applications do that, isn't there an achievement section though? I'm not very familiar with the app, but I've heard others say there is an achievement section.

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