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Where do I start when it comes to scholarships?

Hi, I am a rising senior (in TN). I have already started using this website to help with the college process, along with a few others. I have also started my Common App, so I can be prepared. However, I am not quite sure where to start when it comes to scholarships. I have seen some websites, but they aren't exactly what I am looking for as it relates to scholarships (ex: tallo, niche). Are there any specific websites I can look at for scholarships? Also, is there anythinf I need to know as it relates to earning and receiving scholarships? I am interested in attending a HBCU, and I know scholarships can work a little differently. Any help as it relates to this is appreciated. Thank you!

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So there are 4 kinds of scholarship categories under merit though some require demonstrated need

University awards scholarships

Department/school gives scholarship

A subsection is you get a small scholarship for research

Community scholarships such as the church has a 1k each year etc

Open scholarships sites like scholarship owl scholarship.com and I believe cappex are some notable broad scholarships collegeboard big future also has a scholarship portal.

Many universities have a scholarship portal you gain acess to before enrollment but after admissions that detail outside partners.


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