2 years ago
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Are these courses ok for my junior year??? Also, do you guys recommened taking AP calc ab before precalc???

AP Psychology

AP Calculus AB

AP Language and Composition

AP US History


Intro to Engineer Design

Advanced Strings

I currently have all A's and am taking 4 honors classes. However I'm not sure how more time consuming or hard the AP courses I'll be taking will be. I don't want to set myself up for a bad year. I've contemplated removing an AP course but I'm unsure of which I'd want to remove since I know that they are all rigorous (except psych from what I've heard). I'd like to know if in Calc the teacher ends up going over some stuff learned in Precalc and if it would be hard to self-study for Calc or for me to take it without having taken Precalc yet. Also, which of the AP courses I have listed should I drop if you guys think I should drop one? (Can't drop AP classes after school ends and summer vacation starts)

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@shok2 years ago

How many APs have you taken so far? While all APs are different, one way to gauge the load for 4 APs is to get a feel from prior years where you might have taken 1 or 2 APs.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Asamondius2 years ago

I've taken 1 before but it was AP Spanish IV and I took it during quarantine year so a lot of the workload was probably reduced. I'm also really fluent in Spanish so I'm not sure I can really rely on the feel that I got from the AP class.

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2 years ago

I would not reccomend taking ap calc before preclac, as even with some self-studying, there is too much content that could theoretically pop up on the test to cover, since the ap calc test, even ab can contain content with high level algebra and trig that are extremely case-spesific. Trust me I took accelerated pre-calc sophmroe year and it wasn't in depth enough for my ap calc ab class this year as a junior. In my experience, there is never enough time in class and my teachers for ap, especially math, have encouraged going back to previous classes to study because they can't cover everything so you wouldn't get much pre-calc review.

As a fellow straight a student, junior year I'm currently in 6 aps and it isn't too rigorous, especially since difficulty is often dependent on teachers for subjects like ap lang or apush. Ask around your school for how hard the teachers are, like at my school where there is no difference in regular and ap physics classes. Good luck

2 years ago

i cannot stress this enough...take precalc. it gives you so much exposure to what you'll learn in any calculus class. im currently in precalc and instead of going into calc im skipping to ap calc ab. (im a junior btw!) my friends in calc ab and calc bc this year all say precalc is so helpful for all the basics and foundations that any variation of calculus will cover. ap lang is a great class! im in it right now and i wouldnt have any other english class over it. take ap psych online! so many programs offer it and its more time managable because it is really hefty in material.

2 years ago[edited]

That's actually somewhat similar to my schedule. I plan on taking 4 AP classes next year and to do that, I plan on skipping precalculus. I was going to do AP Lang, APUSH, AP Calculus AB, and AP Chemistry. I don't really know if going straight into AP Calculus AB is a good idea even though I'm doing it. I'm just hoping my strong memory and the fact that my friend (even though she's in another school) will be taking the class as well will help me. If you need anymore help, you could always go ask friends or ask classmates if they want to study together. I find that studying with other people is very helpful. You could also ask for help online. You schedule looks pretty good. It looks like you're going into engineering? I'm just guessing because of the physics and Intro to Engineering courses. If you are going to major in engineering, I would suggest taking an AP Calculus class, AP Comp Sci, AP Physics, or AP Chemistry in senior year.

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