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Are these good courses for freshman and sophomore year?

Hi! I am currently a freshman and in my second semester. My GPA is 3.87 unweighted, 4,20 weighted. Do you guys think these are good classes so far, and should I add any more for sophomore year?

Freshman Semester 1: AP world history, Biology, Honors Chinese 3, Honors English, Honors Geometry, Ethics, Weight Training (required)

Freshman Semester 2: AP World History, Biology, Honors Chinese 3, Honors English, Honors Geometry, 3D Studio Art, Health and Wellness (required)

Sophomore Semester 1: AP US History, Honors English, Physics, Algebra 2, Honors Chinese 4, Theater Production, AP Human Geography

Sophomore Semester 2: AP US History, Honors English, Physics, Algebra 2, Honors Chinese 4, AP Human Geography, Foundations of Religion (required)

By the time I graduate, I plan to have completed 5 honors classes and 10 to 11 AP classes. We are very limited with the amount of AP's we can take in our underclassman years, so what I have here is my current max number. If it helps, I preform better in humanities and language courses. thank you!

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Honestly, this is an excellent course load. It even shows an upward trend (1 AP freshman year, 2 APs sophomore year), which is amazing!

If you think you can handle it, maybe you could self study AP European history or maybe AP micro/macro economics if you enjoy finance, but if you are planning to graduate with 10-11 AP classes under your belt, you really don't need to add any - this is a great number for top-tier schools.

Instead, I would focus on extracurriculars and maybe spend your sophomore year studying for the SAT/ACT, take it in the spring of your sophomore year or the summer before your junior year, and see what you get (its nice to get it over with as soon as possible so you can focus on other aspects of your application in your junior and senior year).

I hope this helped! :)

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