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How to make an app as a high schooler?

Hello, I'm really interested in computer science and I want to build an app or website to help people in need. However, I have no experience with coding or programs. What is the best program to make an app in? I'm just a sophomore who will become a junior this fall, any advice?

@Danishbjw2 years ago

Try using swift for iOS! It’s pretty simple and the knowledge is transferable as it’s based in Objective C++

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2 years ago

Hey again,

I can only give you resources to learn code on Xcode (as I'll be talking from experience).

As I already told you, you could take classes on edX. Personally, as I code on swift (a language that only codes for Apple products) I found this course really helpful, as it teaches you coding from scratch: "Build your very first iOS app" (CurtinX: APP1X). Swift is a relatively easy language; it's pretty intuitive. You can also use "Playground", which is an app on Mac that introduces you to code (it's fun!)

If you don't have a Mac, I think you should consider learning how to code on Python. There are a lot of resources on YouTube to learn that, and I think there are apps you can download on your phone (like Learn Python: Programiz or Codecademy Go).

There's also a lot of resources available on Khan Academy!

Hope this helped!


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