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What rigorous classes should I take my junior year?

Hello, I really need advice!! My dream school is Princeton University, but my weighted gpa is really low (3.65).... If I want to raise up my gpa and possibly get straight A's during my junior year, should I take hard classes and risk my grades? or should I take easy honor classes and raise my gpa? For example, so far my schedule consists of rigorous classes such as English 11 honors, Algebra 2 honors, environmental honors and AP Spanish. However, I may be eligible to take AP Chemistry but I'll have to get rid of some classes. Also, I kept straight A's for chemistry this year but it was a regular class. Should I take the class or stick to the schedule I have and possibly get straight A's? Please leave your opinion and advice ;)

I tested into all honors classes and my school only offers 9 AP classes

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How many AP classes will you take over the next two years? Also are there any others you can add this year such as AP English?

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We have to test into it and get recommended, it's too late now. Unfortunately, my semester grade wasn't high enough so I couldn't test into the class. However, I'm taking an English honors class my junior year so hopefully by senior year, I'll take an AP class. After junior year, I'm planning to take AP Computer Science Principles, AP biology, AP Language and Composition and hopefully AP Government. I'm just scared because I want my GPA to go up, not down.

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I think you really need to take the AP classes if you're dead set on going to a top 10-20 school like Princeton. If you had a low GPA and then take easier classes to compensate, that won't really improve your chances much at a top school. If you improve your grades with high rigor, schools might overlook the grades you made at the beginning of high school. You really should try to take more AP's this year if there's any way you can because you want to take most of your schools offerings if Princeton is your desired school. Also make sure you do really well on your SAT or ACT because that can go a long way to alleviate any concern about your grades. Don't fret too much about the workload. Just study as hard as you need to to achieve your goals, and it will work out. Good Luck!


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