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What to do to get into my dream school

Hi! Im an upcoming junior of class of 2022 and my dream school is UPenn ! However, he acceptance rate is very, very low (9%). So far I have an average gpa of 3.75, and I take part of many clubs such as Model Un and HOSA and I have a lot of community service hours. Nevertheless, Im scared Im not taking enough APs and Honors for Junior Year since Im taking a lot of science based classes such as Physics of the Universe, Principles of Biomedical and hopefully Ap Psych. Besides these classes Im also taking Pre Calc Honors and AP Lang. Im just scared Its not going to be enough for an ivy school. Should I take more APs or have only 2 and one honor for Junior Year to run things more smoothly and take more in summer or have 3 Aps and one honor and go hardcore for Junior year?

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So as long as you are aware that ivies are ivies and nothing garuntees admittance

Try boosting your gpa to above a3.8 as below that it’s a huge struggle to get noticed.

Assuming you major in a natural science field

The science classes can you make any of them AP if not it is okay and ivies will evaluate you based on your opportunities.

The clubs is probably where you have the biggest weakness schools want commitment not 10 different clubs and then you should achieve leadership positions in as many organizations as possible

In a same vein service hours do nothing if you hopscotch around but if 90% is in a nursing home and you go preheat the that’s good.

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First of all good job for your GPA and good luck on your goals !!

You should just know your GPA and the classes you take do not define you. There is a reason some people with really high GPAs that rank at the top of their class don't get into Ivy Leagues, and it's not because they're not good enough.

You should prove on your personal essays and through your extracurriculars that what you're doing makes sense and that you're the type of student that can supplement this college's community ! Don't fully rely on your AP classes !!

Also, if you can, the IB Diploma Program is really good for colleges applications. I forgot where I found the data, but I found somewhere that IB students had their chances of getting into some top-rank colleges increased by sometimes 10% !!

Anyways, good luck and congrats !

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