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How do college minors work?


Hi, for college I would like to major in engineering and get a minor in business. I really enjoy business and I would like to know more information on how minors work. I split the question up into bullet points;

- When you fill out the common application, are you able to specify what minor you want?

- When do I start classes in my minor?

- How does my minor fit into my schedule typically?

- are there combos in which I cannot graduate with? (Ex; is it allowed to graduate with a masters in political science and minor in psychology)

Those are my questions for now about minors. Thank you!


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I will answer your questions as you asked them:

- Minors aren't specified on the application, they are selected when you're at college and are more flexible than majors.

- You can start classes in your minor whenever but usually after you take core classes if your school has them.

- Your schedule is up to you but from my knowledge it's not at all difficult to find space in your class schedule for a minor.

-No, the point of a minor is to explore an interest outside of your major. I remember touring Emory and my tour guide was a Business major with one minor in Arabic and another in psychology. The possibilities are endless.

Uh some are mutually exclusive as in you can get a major or minor in subject x but that’s it as regards to minors some schools may not let you have a minor in a specific school though that’s rare due to prerequites Also a minor is typically said to be your passion and your major your job so there can be some wacky combos. Most of the time you are able to graduate in 4 years but a few exceptions exist. I had a college tell me about double majors and this still applies to minors
Don’t major in engineering and dance if you want to grad in 4 years
There are very few combinations of 1 major and 1 minor that you wouldn't be able to do in four years. Engineering and dance would be easily doable in most places. Minors are usually ~5 classes total, which is 1 class per semester from sophomore year on. Even STEM majors are rarely more than 3-4 classes per semester.
Double majors are very different because you often need to fulfill multiple sets of general requirements. But minors are almost always just "take these 5 other classes and we'll include them on your diploma as a minor."
Ah I thought major minor was a bit more complicated Oops