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I'm trying to figure out passion project to do over the summer.

Hi I'm a junior in high school right now and I have an interest in reading books and math . Do you have any suggestions on passion projects related to any of these 2 areas

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@ilikeeatingcheese2 years ago

I think that maybe you could start a blog where you review books you have read or you could try tutoring students in areas of math that you are solid in.

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Thank you!

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2 years ago[edited]

The first thing that came to mind is to see if your project can have an impact on the community. If you really like reading, you can hold a book drive for and group of your choosing and then have a book club with them.

Or, you many notice that stories of elders in your community are getting lost. Maybe start a website (You want a lot of quantative data to put on the application so advertising on relevant subreddits and facebook groups are key) You can hold interviews with multiple seniors and get insights to what their favorite books or books that really connected to them were when they were your age. You can read the books and write reviews that explain what you thought about it and the historical context that may have made the senior identify with it. You want to pretty unique when you try to approach this.

Submitting to historical societies or taking leaps and emailing your project to your local newspaper or even major nees papers could work out too. The worse they could say is no.

For math, if you are pretty advanced, see if you can reach out to proffessors or undergraduates at prestigious universities to help them with their research. I'd reccomend finding undergraduates in LinkedIn. Remember, this may take a lot of time, but the worse they could say is no. I'd reccomend this article for guidance: https://collegeboss.medium.com/high-school-internships-cold-emailing-1c695ae1f765

2 years ago

I encourage you to watch this livestream about passion projects. It will walk you through project ideas and how you can give your application a creative boost.

I recommend trying to be as unique as possible with your project. You can read about some ideas related to reading and math on this blog post.

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