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Hi, i want to get admission in Princeton but my grades are low.

I have low grades and AP classes are not available in our area. I have good extracurricular activities e.g i am a national level participant in handball, i have good essays, letters of recommendation etc. Is there a way i can go to Princeton with low gpa and how will i convince them that ap classes aren't available.

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2 years ago

See GPA is only one of the five crucial parts of College admission. Since you aced the other aspects outside of the classroom, I think you can supplement your low gpa with high SAT scores ( probably 75th percentile or 99th percentile would be best)

Best of luck!!!

2 years ago

Colleges are in contact with your school and know what's offered there, so there is no reason to convince the college that there aren't APs. If there are honors classes that you didn't take, that will bring down your application, but they won't discredit you for a lack of APs. I'm not sure how low your GPA is, but I would say anything under a 3.5 you have pretty low chances unless you are playing a sport there. Also, you want to stay consistent with your stats. For example, you shouldn't be getting an 83 in math but get a 760 on the SAT. That will make the school think you just aren't doing any of your work. For your extracurriculars you should also make sure you have leadership positions. Rather than just being a participant in handball, be the captain of the team and start a club at your school where you play handball with less fortunate kids. I hope this helps!

2 years ago

So almost all schools including ivies will know ap wasn’t offered as schools send course catalog/school info packet to university when sending official transcript if I remember correctly. So AP is a non issue assuming your gpa isn’t horrendous as in below a 3.5 ideally you’d get it above 3.7 to be really competitive.

Also if any demographics are favorable as in minority group excluding asians if you are a underrepresented group in your major ex women in stem and if you are from a state that the univ wants to have represented to have all 50 this gives a big boost to upper Midwest and Inland Pacific Northwest think Nebraska to Montana or if you are from the opposite corner of the country such as Seattle wants to go to Florida U.

It is vertically possible to go with no AP classes but in that case GPA is the replacement for GPA and it should be above a 3.6 to be competitive preferably a 3.75 but if you just about ace the ACT/SAT and get a 34/1550 you should demonstrate rigor that way.

If you have a circumstance where you bombed freshman year becuase of a divorce or some other extunuating circumstance SUBMIT THAT!



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