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2 years ago
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What WHARTON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS would like to see in my extra curricular activities section

I am from Bangladesh. I am really passionate about Investment, especially those of Wall Street. So to work for top Hedge funds in the mid 20s I need graduate from Wharton. Hence, I can literally do anything to confirm a seat at WHARTON.

Thank you.

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@arielUC252 years ago

Other top business schools to look at are Haas ( Berkeley), Kellogg (Northwestern), Stern (NYU, right in the city center), and many others. Make sure to have a balanced list!

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2 years ago

You do not need to go to Wharton specifically. Any degree from a top tier university should be enough to get into hedge funds such as Bridgewater and AQR.

As for Wharton, it is part of UPenn so here is a useful link to some accepted students profiles:

Generally, they want strong extracurriculars that show leadership and/or initiative as well as activities you are passionate about.


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