2 years ago
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What should I take, Track or Academic Decathlon?

I recently made my course selections for my Junior year and I was in a bit of a dilemma. I have one elective left and I don't know if I should give it to Track or Ac Dec. This year I took Ac Dec and I didn't make the final team but I truly love the class our topic for next year is the American Revolution which I know is going to be simply divine, however, I also really enjoy Track. I initially planned to do it Freshman year, but due to covid, I couldn't do it this year because it was too late to change my schedule and I also faced some minor transportation issues with my parent's new jobs.

Additionally, I want to attain a scholarship from one or the other which I believe might be hard as it's quite difficult to attain one from both of my interests.

Anyways, I'm about to make my schedule for next year and I'm torn on if I should do Track for the next 2 years or should I continue with Ac Dec for 2 more years? Which do you think would look better on my College Applications?

Thank You in advance


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2 years ago

I would say that if possible, do both! It's a perfect way to show that you're well-rounded, and colleges love to see athletes with high academic abilities. If you are unable to do both, then continuing Academic Decathlon for the rest of your high school career would probably be your best option. Colleges like seeing students that stick with one activity and continuously excel at it as time passes.

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