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how to go to a good college?

Junior high school 2021er

catholic private high school in La,ca

Chinese international students, may have greencard before adimission

total w and uw gpa/ toal 10-11 w and uw/credit/ ranking

3.9750 3.5750 / 4.1923 3.5769 / 225.00 / 29 of 149

second semister is only 3.1 because of some reason

junior year suffered from 5 ap class

our school english, religion teacher never give A to international students

freshman year: swimteam and golfmteam (cancled at the end of the year by school)

sophermore: math club founder and president with more than 10 members (do tutoring and sat prep)

some seprate servise hour

wharton sumer school

Sat now 1400 average, have a lot prep class shoot for 1500 in august

I do not care of the major ranking, how to maximum my college adimission chance for a good college?

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2 years ago

Uh I don’t know specifically what you are asking about good universities besides rankings but I’ll presume you are talking about either selective as in sub 50% admit and value schools.

So for selective school your essay should be top notch grammatically correct light humor avoid cliches and sob stories and focus on yourself and not critical of others

Your SAT should be good for most schools in the country assuming a 1450

The GPA I’m assuming 2nd semester of 11th was a 3.1 but your averages are 3.98 UW and 4.2 W that should gain admittance to most schools combined with your SAT

For volunteer Hours it is kinda a non factor unless you are very dedicated to that such as 5/week/year and you stick with one group.

Your ECs need to have a bit more preferably 5-7 activities that show responsibilities and commitment and have officer/leadership position in at least 2 to really be competitive at selective schools.

As for value schools most of them are in the Midwest and have te output merit and need aid though that may be different for international students. As long as you have the equivalent of 27ish ACT(I believe a 1400 exceeds this) you should gain admittance to most if not all of the schools for aid just improve your essays!

I use niches list of value schools

Hope this helps!


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