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I am a 10th grader and is in Algebra 2 Honors currently. I want to take Pre-Calc over the summer and in 11th grade I want to take AP calc AB and then 12th grade my plan is to take AP calc BC. Should I do this because I want to do this, for one to make my senior math class less stressful and also to put on my college resume that I took hard math classes consisting of AP and honors classes. I'm also taking AP statistics in the same year as I want to be a Computer Science major in college. Should I take Pre-Calc over the summer and take AP calc AB in 11th grade and then BC 12th grade or do you think I should not and just take Pre-Calc in 11th grade? Can you also rate my classes for 11th grade which is next year for me. I want to take AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science principles, AP Language and composition. I want to be a Computer Science major at a school Like Boston University or Northeastern University so I need to take rigorous classes in math and science. Also please feel free to list any suggestion you have for me in increasing my acceptance in the schools I mentioned in the field of computer science.


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Hi @kerolloslabib!

If you think you can manage the workload, then taking pre-calc over the summer would be a good idea. It would allow you to take higher-level math courses and increase the overall course rigor shown on your application.

Keep in mind though that AP courses can be very intensive. So, if you currently have difficulties keeping up with your coursework, it might be best to save pre-calc for 11th grade (taking one AP course off your workload).

Lastly, as for your other AP choices, I think AP Computer Science and AP Calculus should be your top choices, given how directly relevant they are to your intended major. I'd probably put AP Language and Composition next, since it could help you stand out as a STEM candidate (many neglect to take high-level humanities). And finally, I'd put AP statistics last, since it mostly just compliments your other STEM courses. While statistics can be important in computer science, that will mostly occur at advanced (applied) levels — in other words, once you've got the basics down.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

2 years ago

I think your plan to take pre-calc over the summer is a great idea if you're ready to put in the effort. I am currently in Honors pre-calc and it tends to be very rigorous with a lot of memorization and acute ability to know all different types of graphs/equations. If you feel that you really want to put in the work, I say go for it! It would definitely bolster your college application as well. As for a class ranking for 11th grade I think AP Computer Science Principles is at #1 because it provides the basics of the career/major you're going for, #2 is AP Calculus, #3 is AP Statistics, and #4 would be AP Language and Composition because it is more than likely that you won't need an in-depth understanding of the English Language in a Computer Science Major. You seem incredibly driven and you know your goals, I think taking pre-calc over the summer is good for someone with such a drive. My only advice for increasing acceptance possibility to your schools would be to join extracurriculars that focus on STEM such as robotics, or even head up a club at your school for coding, aspiring computer scientists, mathletes, etc. Best of luck in your studies and in your future career!! :)

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