2 years ago
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Am I on the right track for my spike/theme in extracurriculars?

I've always favored more humanities based stuff, but I didn't make my Mock Trial Tryouts :(

I'm a sophomore right now. I'm a black female.

1. Diverisity and Inclusion team (9th - Present) Co-President

2. Black Student Union (9th - Present) and I've been guaranteed a leadership position next year because all the seniors are graduating and I'm really active in it)

3. Internship with black District Assemblyman this summer

4. Recently elected Black Orginization's Fundraising chair (last fundraisimg chair, the orginization's current president, had a fundraiser that raised 16k+ and I'm confident I'll raise more) (6th - Present)

5. First Violin in Youth Orchestra (6th - Present, most seniors make first chair or coconcertmaster)

6. Part of a School Group that requires you to be nominated by the Guidance Counselors/Applied for school's peer leader program

7. Step Team (will probably make co captain by Senior Year) (10th)

8. I don't know if volunteering as a counselor at an orchestra camp counts


1. State naacp silver award for essay

2. State naacp bronze award for classical music

3. Procrasinating for applying for presidential service gold medal because I have a lot of volunteer hours


I'm aiming for nationals/gold in the naacp award. I always learned that the scholastic art and writing has a critical essay category so I'm going to submit to that next year (probably about another issue that affects that black community). I feel like these are pretty good individually, but I don't know if focusing on black issues is a theme/spike. I'm aiming for prestigious schools (legacy at Brown).

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2 years ago

Hi @amazemerlinmagi!

Your spike doesn't have to be that specific. Just by looking at your profile, I can see a definite interest in activism, government, and possibly law, which could easily be the basis for your spike/theme. You'll use your essays to elaborate on these interests and experiences, so that admissions officers can look at your application and see what kind of future alumni you'll be.

In other words, I think your extracurriculars already have a strong thematic connection that you can draw upon when crafting a narrative about yourself in your essays. You also have a decent number of accomplished extracurriculars outside of your main theme (mainly music-related), which will help you come across as a well-rounded applicant.

For now I think you're on the right track and should continue building upon the extracurriculars you've already established. And for future chancing-related questions, including those regarding specific schools, I'd recommend our Chancing Engine (link in the sidebar). It takes into account your grades, extracurriculars, and more to give your personalized chance of acceptance at just about any school you choose.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

2 years ago

With a resume like this, you shouldn't have a problem with a career in the liberal arts.

2 years ago

You definitely have quite the resume. I would definitely say that you are on track for a career in humanities.

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