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Which essays are being reused?

So I want to get a head start on my essays over summer but I do not know if schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth reuse there supplemental essay prompts. I am aware common app does and so do the UCs but I am just trying to prioritize since I would like to start my supplemental essays/questions to my top schools.

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I would be careful about starting supplemental essays this early. These prompts do tend to change at least a little bit from year to year, and from experience I'd say at least half of a given year's supplemental essay prompts are different enough a year later that you would need to write a new essay. So you run basically a coin-flip's chance of your work being wasted and having to go back to square one in the fall, which can be really frustrating. If I were you, I'd focus on the Common App and UCs from now until August 1 (those are unique and set in stone early in the year), when supplements are officially released, and then start your supplements then.

3 years ago


From what I have read (including on the CollegeVine blog), the prompts are usually the same every year for these schools. It's a good initiative to start early, good job!

I hope this helped and good luck!


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