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Hi! I've been researching universities, and like every other high school student, I take a look at top tier schools. Something that I think can be an assumption, and that I'm hoping you can help me figure out, is: is student and campus life "boring" at those universities?

I know that academics are pivotal in college, but so is the experience you get from it. I feel like universities like MIT or Caltech can be too rigorous, leaving you no time to enjoy. I want to learn from a strong university, but I don't want to jeopardize my student experience.

So, my questions are: how can you assess student life? Should you look at clubs, extracurriculars? What other things are important to consider when evaluating student life? What sources can you use (often the university webpages paint a prettier picture than a truer one)? Also, how is campus life at those top tier universities (ie. Stanford, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Caltech, UPenn, etc.)?


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2 years ago

I think it honestly depends on the school! I am a high school student myself so I cannot speak from experience but I have spent a lot of time researching this because I have the same worries. I recommend watching YouTube videos from students that go to a school you may be interested in to get an idea of the social life. Also there's this great website called campusreel.org that has short "vlog"-like videos posted by current students. For each specific university, they take you through their day and showcase their varying experiences. I hope this helped!

2 years ago

As I think , the way you are thinking shall get a bit change . I feel that the top universities are not of the kind you are thinking . They think , enjoyment includes innovation and creativity . Well , you can take out time for yourself if you are really willing to do that . These universities know that you are not a machine and just won't make you do rigorous work . I too used to think like that but later , I changed my thaught and tried to fit my mind according to them .


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