2 years ago
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College Essay topics?

Ok, so I think I have a good topic for my college essay but I need some opinions because I am having second thoughts.

So, to start off, I am famous online for playing video games. Over the past 2 years, I have amassed over 160,000 followers on social media through creating content playing different games.

I think I am going to base my college essay on this and write about how it was a learning experience and allowed me to connect with the world. I think this essay is extremely unique and that is why I am considering it as my topic.

I already have a basic outline-ish idea of the points I want to make. Mainly about how this role has forced me to develop a sense of responsibility, how I have established a supportive community, and how I have been able to spread positivity through the worldwide connections I have made.

I am a decent writer (you would not be able to tell by reading this because I will probably not proofread this post), and I know that my AP Language teacher would be happy to help me write this essay. So I am not worried about the writing I just want some opinions on the content.

FOR CONTEXT: I have already written a short essay about this for entrance into an exclusive summer seminar program at Wake Forest's business school. I was accepted and could not be happier, but I am not sure if I could write a full college essay on this.


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2 years ago

I think that your story could definitely work for an essay! Here are my tips to execute the idea well:

1. Use a creative and immersive writing style to paint a picture with words, especially with the introduction. This CollegeVine blog post has examples of how to add a hook and captivating writing to your essay.

2. Make sure that you do not talk about content creation and video games so much that the essay loses its focus on you. The goal should be to explain who you are as a person, from how you spend your time to what you value.

3. Your idea of talking about community and spreading positivity is a good one, but make sure that you are specific here so that you do not sound cliche. Explain who is in your community and impact your positivity has. Connecting this part to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion around the world would make it more powerful.

Hope this helps!

2 years ago

Hi! This sounds like a strong essay topic! Very impressive achievements! I would just make sure you really dive deep into the topics you will be discussing. Go all the way in and make sure to also put in ups and downs. For example, since you seem to have a pretty successful gaming platform, describe how you got to where you were. Were there any obstacles/ challenges you had to face? How did you overcome them?

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