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How many AP/honors classes is ideal for juniors?


I am currently a sophomore who will be a junior this coming fall. As of right now, I have put in 2 honors (chemistry and precalculus) and 3 APs (language, government, and psychology.) I am unsure if this schedule is too rigorous, and was wondering about the number of AP and honors classes recommended for juniors?

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2 years ago

I think this is a good amount that could be considered rigorous for some, but it is not the most rigorous if that makes sense. I am a sophomore as well and next year, I am taking Honors English, honors pre-calculus, honors history, AP Statistics, AP Chem, and AP Physics 1. I think this is a good amount to take as it shows colleges that you tried taking rigorous courses.

2 years ago

My recommendation is to enroll in as many AP courses as you can fit into your schedule. If your high school has a large number of AP courses, the number of AP courses you take will influence your college admission. It shows your interest in high rigor courses. As a result, your high school is also a factor. Of course, you're correct for the concern of being too rigorous. So I recommend looking at your GPA to see if you can maintain good grades even with this many AP courses next year. Make an appointment with your Counselor to help you make your final decision on next year's course selection.

Read this U.S News article for a more detailed guide: How to Determine the Number of AP Classes to Take (shorturl.at/rLUW4)

I hope this was helpful, and best of luck with your AP course selection!

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