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Full ride scholarships for international students

which universities offer the highest full-ride scholarships for international students?


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2 years ago

Check out this list: https://uscollegeinternational.com/2017/06/13/full-tuition-scholarship-international-students/. You can also check out these free tuition colleges: https://uscollegeinternational.com/2019/08/18/tuition-free-universities-usa/ — most of them are for specific goals or niche interests, but one of them may fit.

Just be aware that full ride scholarships for international students are extremely rare and very very competitive. Most colleges view international students as full-price students, as in they depend on international students paying full price to make their budgets work. Because of that, it's very difficult for international students to secure substantial scholarships.

I should add to this that there are a few schools that will offer significant need-based aid to international students and will not penalize international students (in terms of lowered admission chances) for applying for financial aid. Those are Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Amherst College, and the Minerva Schools at KGI.


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