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I want to ask one question since I am taking SAT this Saturday. I find a new successful time management technique that works for me perfectly. It's called side to side. That means I will have the reading passage on the left and the questions on the right side while taking the SAT. I found it driven by my Khan academy experience when I was enabled to save 2 mins. But I just want to ask if I am allowed to tear some pages of my question booklet in the exam room. What if I use scissors to avoid noise? Please, I need your answer. Thank you

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Honestly, I highly doubt you will permitted to damage the test booklet during your sit down exam because CollegeBoard expects to collect back the test books in an unmolested fashion. If they find missing pages when they match up your test sheet to the booklet, they might assume you stole some pages. I don't know how you are NOT going to draw attention to yourself during the test if you pull out a pair of scissors and start to cut pages. I find this highly unorthodox and you risk being called out for this behavior or asked to leave the test center.

I would highly recommend to take the practice exams without tearing out the passages to fit your test taking style. Nothing personal but it seems you are setting up yourself for range of responses by proctors during the exam, some might not be what you were hoping for.

Good luck

2 years ago

According to the CollegeBoard website, cutting devices are prohibited when taking the SAT. Even though the website does not explicitly state that tearing pages from the question booklet isn't allowed, I also advise against it because it would be disruptive to others. Hope this helps!

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