2 years ago
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I wonder if these extracurriculars are good enough for top 50 colleges?

I'm a junior. Half of these extracurriculars are projected.

My college major considerations: Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Industrial Design.

And I'm aware that I should've started FBLA earlier and not next year. There are not many interesting clubs at my school until I move next year either.

National Honors Society -2 years

FBLA-1 year

Math Honor Society-1 year

Science Honor Society-1 year

Community Service-30-50 hours

Work-4 years

Computer programming-100+ hours

Badminton-Hobby (casual)

High School Young Scholars Summer Program


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2 years ago

These extracurriculars look wonderful! Be sure to note your accomplishments/leadership roles/responsibilities relating to these activities, as they could be especially useful when writing essays and activity descriptions.

2 years ago

Many colleges are looking for community service and leadership positions taken on. They are also looking for dedication to projects, so it's good that you have a lot of time spent on each of the positions. They will also like that your activities are related to your major considerstions.

Overall, I think those are excellent extracirriculars for the top colleges.

2 years ago

I'm no expert, but I'd say yes. I would recommend you take on leadership positions in the activities you already do. I think the 100+ hours of computer programming is a massive strong point! I'd emphasize your programming ability by participating in a internship or club related to programming.

2 years ago


This is kind of hard to judge only because I'm not sure what position you have in these extracurriculars. For top 50 colleges, try to get anywhere from 2-4 strong leadership positions (president of a club, marketing director of a community service organization, etc.).

Also, community service unfortunately (for the most part) does not play a huge role in your extracurricular profile unless you have a major role in the organization.

I hope this helped! :)

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