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How can I proceed to improve my extracurricular and co curricular activities ?

I am not interested in sports . The extracurricular part of my application is lagging . I varied interests but I don't know how I can use them and do something effective. When talk comes to creativity and innovation , I have a lots of ideas but due to lack of time , I am not able to manage that . I want a detailed report saying about proper time management and ideas how I can extend my ideas to reality .

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4 years ago

First, start writing. Write down all your ideas, to-do tasks and goals

Think about how you spend your day. Think about when or where you tend to waste a lot of time. Do you oversleep? or do you spend too much time on social media? do you waste time binge-watching web series? etc...Try squeezing out time from it. Set aside some time to introspect your activities and habits.

I would suggest before sleeping, think about what you did the whole day, where you wasted time and what things you are going to do the next day.

Next morning when you get up, remind yourself of the things you planned to do the whole day and work hard to stick to it.

Think about your goals whenever you feel demotivated or feel tempted by short term enjoyments.

Talk about your ideas to people you trust. I would suggest to begin with your parents. As cliche as it sounds, they are your best well-wishers. Don't feel demotivated if they don't understand your opinion. Keep in mind that It is natural that people might not understand or agree with your opinion. At this time, instead of feeling depressed or begin arguing with them, calmly talk to them and understand each other's opinion. These discussions will help you turn your ideas into reality.

Also, talk to your seniors. get to know how and what they did for college applications. Learn from their experience and implement them in your life.

In the end, it all comes down to your will power and your desire to achieve your goal. If these two things are at your side managing times becomes easier.

A word of advice: instead of participating in many activities, go for less of them but for a longer time. Colleges like students being committed to a particular activity for a longer time than having multiple activities with short duration. It reflects your interests and passion. If possible try choosing activities similar to the major you plan to pursue

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