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β€’ 06/14/2020 at 02:25PM

Does 12th grade calculate to cumulative GPA?

I am a rising senior high school student.

My 9th and 10th grade was bad (having one C+ in 9th grade and 2 B+ in 10th grade) since I was frequently sick that time. Because of this, although I took 5 ap classes and got all As for all classes this year, my GPA is pretty low- 4.14.

I am planning to take 7 ap classes and 1 college class next year so I was expecting that my cumulative GPA would be raised to 4.34 .

But I heard somewhere that colleges only look for the first semester for the senior grade and the GPA that includes only 9-11th grade.

Is it really true?

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β€’ 06/14/2020 at 04:46PM

MOST colleges, at least the ones ive looked at, only look at 10th and 11th grade gpa. they'll likely watch your grades/classes senior year to make sure you continue to challenge yourself, but the focus is on 10/11 grades. definitely check the specific requirements for the colleges you're looking at though!

β€’ 06/16/2020 at 07:28PM[edited]

To answer the prompt, only the 1st semester of 12th grade is factored into college application review because 100% of colleges decide who they are going to accept before the 2nd semester or last semester grades are available. Also, none of your colleges you apply to will factor into application review process your 7 AP scores if you decide to take them because AP exams are in Mid May and you don't get results until Mid July and all colleges send out their admissions decisions by 1st of April. One important thing colleges look at is for an upward trend in grades. It's ok that you botched a class in 9th and got 2 B+s in 10th because you got all As 11th grade. That shows an upward slope. Some Elite colleges like Stanford only use 10th/11th grades while others use 9th through 12th 1st semester. Most of them also require you to keep your grades up 2nd semester. I am aware that UCLA rescinded an applicant's acceptance because they had severe senioritis and got all Ds and a couple of Fs. So just be aware that you can't take your foot completely off the gas Spring semester senior years. My advice is that you should look at your entire profile and plug the gaps that are deficiencies versus loading up on 7 APS + 1 college class. Why? Because let's say your essays or ECs or intellectual vitality is weak in areas, it won't matter what your final GPA is because all colleges look at you holistically. Grades themselves and course rigor are important but if you are lacking in any other area(s), you will be docked during the application review. It is highly unusual for any senior to be taking the equivalent of 8 college courses in your senior year. If you can view college acceptance videos from top elite colleges, you will see that most successful students take 3 to 5, not 8. I don't know how strong a candidate you are in your other 10 areas but I would make sure first that you excellent across the board before you load up like that.

β€’ 06/14/2020 at 09:47PM

I believe contrary to @www most schools look at 9-11th grades and rigor and 12th rigor so AP is really nice.

As you said you were sick most of not all universities will look at your application differently if you reach out and say I had a bout of sickness in 9 and 10 here is documentation. That may not work at sub 25% admit rate but at schools that are holistic that admit over 50% they would likely it not disregard it but take it into consideration and if you score a high B it is not the end assuming you did well after you got better