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my major and ec's don't correlate?

i have a very strong stem background and basically all my classes and ecs revolve around science and math. but i just decided i want to major in business/stats, is this going to be a huge problem? i know stem background can be useful for business majors but i'm afraid of looking scattered. should i try applying for a stem major and switch later on?

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2 years ago

Business and stats involve a lot of math, so often they're still counted in STEM. If you have a strong STEM background, colleges will see that and it shouldn't affect you in any negative way. It'll probably only positively affect how they look at your application. Every activity you do doesn't have to be focused around what you plan to major in. I plan to major in engineering, and while I have a strong robotics/STEM background from my classes and extracurriculars, I also am very involved in my school's concert and marching band programs. Your application shouldn't look scattered at all, you'll look more well rounded if anything, and you should be fine to apply to business programs.

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