2 years ago
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Any tips for finding more extracurriculars, especially during quarantine?

I'm a little low on extracurriculars and I'm a rising senior. I want to increase my chances for getting into elite colleges and to do that, I need more extracurriculars. Any help?


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2 years ago

Hey there!

First, just know you're not alone in this situation. A lot of people (including me) struggle during those hard times and it's totally fine.

The available opportunities will mainly depend on your interests, but here are a few ideas:

- you could take an open-ed class on a topic that you're excited about on platforms like edX

- you could start a personal project (again, it will depend on your interests), like: founding a club/organization, coding an app/a website, writing short stories/a novel and getting published, make some art, starting a YouTube channel about a subject you're passionate about, starting a photography Instagram page

- you could take part in international/national competitions (look that up on Google)

These are just a few ideas, but I hope they helped!

If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask! Also, maybe I can help you more if you specify your interests.

2 years ago

Some extracurriculars that I recommend is to follow what you want to pursue whether if you are interesting in going pre med than theres an option to volunteer at your local hospital or find an internship at a lab near your area. Clubs offered at your school also gives you an increase in getting into a college such as National Honor Society, Debate, Hosa, etc.


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